About WCYP

A Social Club with A Community Service Problem

The Wyandot County Young Professionals (WCYP) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization started in 2013.  

Regular monthly meetings are held at various establishments throughout Wyandot County on the last Thursday of each month.  These meetings provide a forum to conduct necessary business, but also serve as monthly social gatherings.  The WCYP prides itself on being as casual as possible while striving to maintain focus on accomplishing its mission. 

We hold regular monthly meetings, take part in and create new community service projects, as well as plan and facilitate fundraising activities for various local charitable causes.  WCYP members come from a variety of backgrounds and areas of employment, and membership is open to individuals that are 18 - 45 years old who live or work in Wyandot County or graduated from a Wyandot County school district.

Getting Things Done

Since it's inception, the WCYP raised close to $90,000 for local charitable efforts by bringing entertaining events and activities to the Wyandot County community.   It has used those proceeds to award $23,000 in local scholarships, support multiple entertainment and recreation projects, complete other community improvement and service projects, as well as engage high school youth. 


Imagination Library Logo

Supporting Early Childhood Development

The WCYP and multiple community service organizations banned together to bring Dolly Parton's Imagination Library program to our community.  This program provides free books mailed monthly to any child under 5 who registers.  

Funding to keep the program operating and serving more children is a continuing need.  Visit the Wyandot County Community Foundation for more information.

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